Encinitas Beach Hacienda, San Diego

This unique 3-story yoga center has spectacular ocean views in a castle-like setting atop the highest cliff in Encinitas.

This design incorporates an eclectic combination of Indian and Tibetan sacred art and Spanish/Moorish-influenced furnishings and motifs.

The vibrant colors create a healing rainbow of light and rich color patterns create a sensual atmosphere completed by the luxurious ftactile feel of silks and faux furs.

Master Bedroom Suite


This luxurious master suite on the top floor commands the full view of the ocean surf with airy canopy fabrics to catch the sea breeze.


Retreat Room


In this room of inexpensive eastern simplicity, the bed is made from simple natural bamboo rods evoke the vegetation around the house and the vivid turquoise drapes from India bring in the sea blue of the shoreline.

Asian Room

The antique Chinese canopy bed with shear silks and geometric patterns makes one feel beautifully enclosed in an otherworldly sanctuary.


Dining and Entertaining Room


A low table with colorful floor seating creates an exotic gathering space for sumptuous vegetarian cuisine to fuel festive yoga feasts. A smoothie and green drinks bar replenishes and energizes and a colorful silk cushioned sofa area welcomes gatherings.





The Yoga Room

An antique Tibetan altar is the focal point of the yoga room. A tiger patterned rug provides a soft surface for comfortable ground exercises and an exotic symbol of the animal spirits that inspire many yoga postures.


The altar is flanked on either side by sacred symbols and statues along with chimes, aromatherapy candles and a healing ozone ionizing salt orb.


A fireplace completes the opposite end of the yoga room and a gong provides a powerful healing sound that vibrates through all assembled.



A saffron-colored couch with golden metallic accents reflects the rich warmth of the sunset and the golden sands of the beach.


Entrance Altars

Entrance altars flank the hallway, delineating a gateway from the outside world into a sacred space.