I’m very grateful for the enthusiastic responses of my clients. The breakthroughs they make are always rewarding to me as a practicioner. Here are just a few of the many letters clients have written about their feng shui consultations and classes. We welcome your comments.

“Rhea is a gifted feng shui consultant, artist and counsellor. She does so much more than bring her extensive knowledge of the ancient art and science of feng shui to her clients, and make it readily accessible to westerners. Her sessions are a truly magical alchemical blend of art, psychology, shamanism, and play. Her work is powerful medicine. Through her sensitive, incisive, and inclusive consultation, I learned how, in the ways I have arranged my living space, I have unknowingly limited myself and my options for years! Just a day after our session in which we transformed my living environment, I feel a distinct shift in how I approach my life. Many of the darker corners have been illuminated. I look forward to the changes that will bring!” 
-Donaleen Patricia Saul, West Vancouver

“Transformation was the key word for me tonight. Rhea radiated a confidence and inner faith in the power of feng shui’s ability to assist people in transforming their lives.” 
-Jill Mackay

“Thank you for the caring and passion you bring to sharing this ancient knowledge.” 
-Adrienne Hebert

“I went from living in a house which felt like a hotel to creating a truly inviting, beautiful, comfortable home!”
-Faith Stepharnoff

“Hi Rhea. I want to thank you for the incredible Friday afternoon introduction to Feng Shui. What we did has already had a strong positive influence on my life. Yesterday, my husband John and I were inspired and motivated by the Friday results. We worked on our own backlog of undone things and we were pleased at the additional order we were able to bring into our lives. John just said, “It feels like the house is 50% larger.” Moreover, we seem to be discovering things long forgotten that now have a new place in the house. I’m working today on the long postponed task of cleaning up my home office bookcase and all the piles of clutter from the living room and family room. I found the seat of power in the family room and enhanced it. It feels incredible to sit there. I also hid the prominent TV behind a bamboo screen. I threw away all those dead, dusty, old, flowers, and I feel freed of them. John and I are enjoying our home as we haven’t for a long time.”
-Ruth Patrick, West Vancouver

“Rhea was like a breath of fresh air through my new place. I firmly believe that the synergy in my apartment has everything to do with these wonderful happenings in my life. I have never felt so at peace and relaxed in my home before; I love spending time in my space. Thanks Rhea, for sharing your knowledge with me – it has a ripple effect on everything that enters my humble abode.”
-Jenny Kierstead

“An excellent workshop that makes me want more!”

-Vicki Lecocq 

“Rhea, you are the angel of abundance waving your western feng shui wand of prosperity in my life! You’re a great asset!”
-Gerry, Vancouver

“Just wanted to say thanks for your talk at Chapters yesterday in Richmond, August 4 at 7:30pm. I brought two ladies and they were making notes and hopefully trying to make their life auspicious to a natural flow of chi. I’ve read much about Feng Shui and do practice it and I’ve found that yes, once clutter is gone, the fine tuning does wonders and makes things happen ! I picked up a few more nuggets of wisdom and in particular, your perspecitive on the author’s personalities in how they write their books. I would like to purchase your colour chart so I’ll have to track you down when I get a chance and do they sell it in Chapters yet ? I think you mentioned something about this. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. :)”
-Vince, Richmond

“I was quite intrigued at the simplicity of the Western Feng Shui.”
-Robert, Richmond

“Rhea’s class was an incredibly informative opportunity which provided answers to many of my questions. Instead of worrying about ho I’m going to decorate my new home, I’m going to take the time to play with the movement of energy!”
-Karen Coulombe

“I really feel that the energy in my store has been uplifted and everything feels more connected!”
The Mystic Wardrobe, North Vancouver

“Extremely enlightening and thought-provoking.”
-Fran Halpert

“A comprehensive introduction to the fascinating aspects of feng shui by the knowledgeable, grounded guide.”
-Carolyn Bayley

“I can’t wait to go home and change my home – and my LIFE!”
-Nancy Read

“My work with Rhea gave me a good sense of the importance of being in charge of my life on all levels – environment, body and soul!”
-Jean Robillard

“A very enlightening class packed with practical and useful information – well explained and very personal!”
-Lisa O’Connell

“A wonderful, enjoyable, FUN evening. I’ve now got a different perspective on creating affirmations in a visual manner which has gifted me with a whole new outlook on my space!”
-Ann Tolley

“Thank you, Rhea, for sharing so generously and helping me create possibility in my future. I can’t wait to start creating my life!”
-Jenny Kierstead

“Rhea’s class left me feeling refreshed and renewed. Her “seeing heart” has opened MY heart and my space. I now feel the future is like a spacious sky of possibilities as the clouds of my clutter leave my home. Thank you Rhea for the deep knowing you carry. My life moves forward from this day!”
-Shery Berkowitz

“Thank you, Rhea, for promoting harmonious existance on a somewhat scattered planet. You have taught me how to focus on clear intention in order to manifest creative, healthy living. A thoughtful, informative, connected, relaxed, and ejoyable presentation.”
-Leah Hansel

“Rhea covered a tremendous amount of material in just one day, and what an inspiration! Instead of just thinking about it, I will do it. Starting now.” 
-Heidi Burton

“I want to see more articles about feng shui. I always enjoyed this section and find myself looking for information on how I can bring the sense of calm and healing to my home and life that I have found at many spas.
-Sondra Foley,
 Barrington Illinois

“We will be running stories on feng shui, both at home and in the spa experience. Please look for these features in our May issue. We appreciate your support, Sondra!”
-The Editors of Healing Retreats and Spas

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