Property & Vacation Hospitality Management

Rhea Peake is a property & vacation manager for houses and apartments with VRBO Premier Host Preferred Partner and AirBnB Superhost 99% status performance and value-added experience in hospitality and design.

Top Performance Metrics

  • AirBnB Superhost 99% Status:
    99% Percentile hosts are the top performers among all AirBnB Superhosts.
  • 4.8+ overall rating:
    Superhosts have a 4.8 or higher average overall rating based on reviews from their Airbnb guests in the past year. Guests know they can expect outstanding hospitality from these hosts.
  • 10+ stays:
    Superhosts have completed at least 10 stays in the past year or 100 nights over at least 3 completed stays. Your guests can feel confident staying with an experienced host.
  • <1% cancellation rate:
    Superhosts cancel less than 1% of the time, not including extenuating circumstances. This means 0 cancellations for hosts with fewer than 100 reservations in a year. Rare cancellations mean peace of mind for guests.
  • 90% response rate:
    Superhosts respond to 90% of new messages within 24 hours. When guests ask you questions, they know that a quick response is only a message away.
  • VRBO Premier Host Preferred Partner Status:
    Preferred Partners are the best performing of all VRBO Premier Hosts.
  • 4.3 or higher average review rating 
  • 90% or higher booking acceptance rate 
  • 5% or lower owner-initiated cancellation rate 
  • Three or more VRBO reviews 
  • Five bookings or 60 booked nights

Value-Added Hospitality Experience

Rhea manages property and vacation hospitality with more than just the highest industry standard metrics of excellence. She excels by applying complimentary value-added skills to improve properties and vacation experiences to a higher level of ease and beauty:

Encinitas House

A palatial bedroom from the Encinitas House

See more pictures from Encinitas House Yoga Retreat Center

Maui Rentals

A map Rhea produced helping guests arrive, park, and navigate services smoothly.

A map Rhea produced helping guests arrive, park, and navigate services smoothly.

More photos of the units.

An inviting living room
A high-end bathroom
A welcoming kitchen space

El Patio Gardens Senior Housing

Rhea was Senior Manager for El Patio Gardens Senior Housing, working with the Housing Authority of Santa Barbara City & County to provide a serene environment for residents to flourish. Rhea also produced a newsletter showcasing residents’ photography and achievements.